Tim McCoy

A Big Little Book



We provide this as a library research archive on a free basis, and have found this book nowhere else on the web, or any-physical-where for that matter.  Our expectation is that only a handful of people will read this.  It is a great period read about a once-famous character, by the author Galord Dubois with hundreds of pen illustrations by Robert R. Weisman. 

We know the original claimed copyright owner, Tim McCoy, is dead.  The scans below are a fair use. Even so we made the effort to contact his family in order to ascertain the copyright owner, if any, and confirm the fair use to place the book here for posterity, in a form which may be easily studied as one example of Tim McCoy’s and Big Little Book’s work, for research and education.  This example is a single, small, representative sample of their work, difficult to download, and thereby difficult to use for any purpose other than the research and education purpose for which it is intended.

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