Getting your own instance of ScanServer

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ScanServer is a hosted service. This means that you pay a fee based on the number of months you wish to have us host a completely separate instance of this service exclusively for you. The features of this service include:

A basic rate service that suits most needs.

The basic rate service has limits on the number of megabytes of storage and the number of users. The basic rate service should allow you to manage two average size classes a semester, or provide scans or photographs for an average commercial web site. The basic rate service also allows you to upload OCRed text files for full text indexing of scanned pages under your control.

Custom service that provides additional storage, additional computation resources, and additional bandwidth to the Internet.

Custom graphic design or graphic insertions to individualize the appearance of your ScanServer instance.

We will also license one or more instances of ScanServer, on a yearly basis, to be installed and maintained by you.

The ScanServer instance, and all the documents in Scanserver, can be readily linked from your main web site. The ScanServer instance is designed exclusively to provide you with an outstanding way to upload and present scanned documents and digital photographs to others that you may wish to designate, while also maintaining control of those documents. Unlike PDF files or other display files, you maintain control over who can see this content and where it goes.

In classroom situations, the Scanserver has been found to be ideal in presenting limited time, access controlled, viewing on the web of material for educational purposes. For example, while students are buying their books, a chapter or two might be scanned to get them something to start with. Sections from articles or selected photos may be scanned.

In commercial situations, photographs or documents that need restricted viewing are handled well by an instance of ScanServer.

Contact us for additional information and pricing.